This is it! This is Life.

My name is Amanda. I'm 23-years-old. And this is my life.

Here is the set up inside our tiny home. It is so cozy and there is still a ton of space even after we moved in drawers, clothing, and a futon (for lounging and sleeping). After the first 2 nights I made us curtains to block out the lights from the neighbors houses and to ensure that we have plenty of privacy. Last night it rained quite a bit and the only negative to come from that was the noise. In the morning Jonny was incredibly pleased to see that we had no leaks and it wasn’t damp inside at all (the way it can be if it rains when you are camping in a tent). 

Currently we are working on insulation so that we can stay here in the yurt through the fall and potentially the winter. Along with the insulation improvements, Jonny and I assembled the base-board for our solar panel and Jonny built a special battery box, so now he just has to hook up some wires and we will have electricity! Not much, but it will be sufficient enough to meet our needs.

On top of all the good yurt news, I got a new job working for a counseling service in the city, which means I will be leaving retail finally!! 

Things are looking up and I have finally made it to the point were I am no longer waiting for all of these good things to begin. Now the real adventures begin!

Between the Sheets

Ever since moving into the yurt I have had the song “Between the Sheets” by Imogen Heap, stuck in my head. For me this song represents what it is like to wake up each morning in the arms of the man I love and the sense of relief I have in knowing that I get to do this every day.

"Between the Sheets"

You and me between the sheets,
It just doesn’t get better than this.
The many windswept yellow stickies of my mind,
Are the molten emotional front line,
I couldn’t care less I’m transfixed in this absolute bliss

Ooh, sweet sleepless tumbling night,
Oh, and the morning on the your skin and loved up light.
Tracing patterns in the maze of your back,
Softly, softly the goose bumps like that
And then a kiss, maybe another and another one


Tomorrow is move in day. Most of my junk is packed up in my car and ready to be unloaded into out little yurt after i get out of work tomorrow. Then, after Jonny gets home we will go on a short adventure to check out a futon so that we can conserve space and have a comfy place to sleep at the same time. Hopefully this futon will be exactly what we need so  that we can bring it home, set it up, and spend our first and long awaited night in this thing that we spent months building. I am so ready for this. 

Today we went to the climbing gym with some close friends who are dangerously (but happily) close to becoming engaged and I expressed my own fears and jealousy due to the length of my relationship and my uncontrollable fear of being left and having to start over, but my friend (with the same name as me) reassured me that eventually my time would come, and I was reminded that we will be living together starting tomorrow. Our adventure begins tomorrow. Maybe I am scared because I have never witnessed anyone else experience a life quite like this one, but I have to remember that he wants this with me. If he didn’t want me around then we would not be embarking upon this journey and planning the next stage of our life. Together.  

So we did it. We built the yurt. We finished it last week, several weeks behind schedule, but we did it! And I’ve got to say it looks pretty damn good for being hand built. Now Jonny and I each have our own “house” key which feels pretty fantastic. All we have to do now is wait foe our use permit to be approved and then we can start moving this in and start this long anticipated adventure. 

But right now the best thing is that it’s done, we did it. We finished our big project and it’s solid. We have already had a few terrible rain storms and strong wind and there has not been any leaks or damage done to the yurt. 
Now that the yurt has been built Jonny has already begun planning our next adventure that will potentially happen next summer if all things go accordingly. And it may be scarier than living in a glorified tent, but it will also provide us with the kind of life experience that not to many people ever really get the chance to have. 

The future is full of all sorts of exciting, new, and scary things.

This song has got me feeling all kinds of emotions today. 

"Do you believe you’re missing out, like everything good is happening somewhere else? But with nobody in your bed, the night’s hard to get through…"

Sometimes when I’m home alone I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. I feel like I am supposed to be further than I am right now, but I just keep having to wait. I have to wait to hear back from this new job because the positions are not open until August. I have to wait to start living with Jonny because our temporary residence has not yet been erected…and I still have a ton of shit left in my room that needs to be put into storage. I feel like I have been waiting so long for these things, these things that will help my life progress in the direction that I want it to go in. And I’m getting really tired of waiting. 

Yet, at the same time, a lot of things are happening really fast. We received our zoning permit fairly quickly. We are setting up our temporary residence this coming weekend. And we will be headed out to Missouri in October to assess a potential living situation. October is only about three months away and that’s insane to me to think that in three months I will have been with Jonny for 3 years. 

I know, for a little while here I was bothered by the fact that all of my cohorts, beyond my small circle of close friends, have started their lives with their significant others so quickly. Many have been together for a year or less and are already either living together, having a child, or getting married. And it started to make me feel like somehow I am really far behind in this game of life. 3 years with the same person and I still only wake up to them 3-4 days out of the 7 in a week. Those days in between, where I go to sleep and wake up alone are always the worst. But then I think to myself that perhaps it has been for the best. We both have degrees and we will both be working in our fields, and we have saved a ton of money. We are not traditional, and the life we are planning is not an ordinary one. It’s an experiment, an adventure. And while it is terrifying and sometimes frustrating and I get tired of waiting, it’s what I want. The only standards I am obligated to meet are my own, not societies and what they expect of two educated young-adults. 

I just have to keep telling myself that I only have to wait a little bit longer.

In about a weeks time I will be moving into the yurt with Jonny. We finished the frame and roof section weeks ago. Then this weekend we finished the base with the help of my dad and Jonny’s little brother. This morning I sewed the windows onto the cover and and Jonny just has to paint the base with a sealer before we can set up home-sweet-home. 

In other news, our garden is getting bigger with many squash, corn, tomato, bean and strawberry plants. I hope we have a nice turnout, because I am really looking forward to making delicious sun dried tomatoes, squash stir-fry, and other preserves.  

Finally everything is falling into place and we will soon begin our adventure.

"Adventures are only interesting once you’ve lived to see the end of them. Before that, they are nothing but fear, and being too cold or too hot or too wet or too hungry, and getting hurt."—Holly Lisle


passive aggressive family members

"guess i’ll never be a grandma"

"guess i’ll never be an aunt"

"guess i’ll never be able to dress a niece/nephew"

stop feeling so entitled to my hypothetical offspring. it is not yours. it is mine. i will grow it if i grow it. and it will be mine. not yours. i am not an incubator which grants you familial titles. jesus. go away. this “have a baby i can play with” thing is so impersonal and insensitive and annoying.

I relate to this post sooooo much…….

I am 23 and all i here is:

Mom: “I can’t wait for you to have kids, they’re going to be so cute. Then I can feed them sugar and send them back to you.”

Step dad: “we want more grandchildren!”

Grandma: “I hope I live long enough to see you get married.”

Grandma: “I hope I live long enough to see you have children.”

Grandma: “I hope you get married before you have children.”


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While binge watching the second season of Orange is the New Black, I am sitting here falling in love with so many characters that I didn’t pay much attention to during season one. Poussey being the number one favorite on my list. In the first season Poussey was funny and she is fucking beautiful, but during this season her story is freaking breaking my heart. I also wish there was more back-story for Nichols. This season is crazy and amazing, and I am loving every second of it. And I can’t help but love every scene with Alex and Piper and their undeniable chemistry.

Also, Where the hell is Sophia during this season?! There is just not enough of her :(

This is me on the eve of my 23rd birthday and honestly right now I’m pretty content. The beginning of 22 was probably the best start to a year that I have ever had, but it also had a pretty rough middle (with my car dying and all of the stress of my last year of college). Tomorrow I will be starting a new year, at 23 I am a graduate, an aunt, a girlfriend, a person with a future ahead of them with (hopefully) many more years ahead. I don’t expect to feel any different at 23 but I know this is going to be a big year full of lots of changes and I am looking forward to them.