This is it! This is Life.

My name is Amanda. I'm 22-years-old. And this is my life.

Over the past few weekends Jonny and I have been making steady progress on our yurt. So far we have constructed our roof ring (a 2’ diameter ring made out of electrical conduit), collected our roof poles (bamboo), and we have painted, sanded, cut drilled and zip tied our slats together to make two kana (wall) sections. It’s amazing how quickly this project is coming together, and soon we will be working on the roof and wall coverings. Once those are finished we will have a transportable space to live in!

This is one of the best and most exciting things I have ever been a part of creating.


I have never felt more homesick in my entire life until tonight, laying here alone in my own bed…because home is no longer what it used to be. All of the sudden home is no longer a house with all of my furniture and my things. Home is him. Being wrapped up in his arms and falling asleep to every inhale and exhale. That is home, no matter where we are. And even though I am homesick tonight, I know that we are slowly closing in on the day were we will actually have our own home together.

This weekend was pretty damn fantastic. On Friday, Jonny and I drove down to Maryland to stay with our friends Amanda and Rob. Amanda’s house is huge and her parents made us awesome food every day. The first night we just played Kings and got pretty drunk. The next morning we woke up early and had a wonderful egg’s benedict breakfast before we left for Earth Treks. Climbing at Earth Treks was pretty fantastic due to their horizontal routes and sheer number of available bouldering problems. 

After a full and exhausting day climbing we headed back to Amanda’s house and went for  hike on a trail in her neighborhood. While hiking we found an old ball and a few big wooden sticks and began a mini baseball game. I think that may have been one of the best parts of the weekend because it was beautiful outside and we were in such a beautiful place and it was just awesome.

The morning Jonny and I said our goodbyes and headed back home. Once we got home we began prepping the 2x4 boards that we have for our yurt so that once we cut them into khana we won’t have to do as much work. We then headed to Lowes to by sealant for the wood and some electrical conduit for our own improvised roof ring. Once back at the house we used a conduit bender and turned the pole of conduit into an almost perfect 2’ ring. We were so excited by the progress we’ve made on our future ‘house’ in just one day.

Overall, it was a very successful weekend.

Life Update

This year is already moving incredibly fast. Mid-terms were this week and spring break starts on Monday. It’s amazing that this year has only just begun and yet so much has already happened. I got a new car (because I killed my old car…), I started my field study working with a school guidance counselor, I am graduating college in May, I climbed my first V3 and V4 in the gym (and then climbed a second V3 and V4 :D), we have a trip planned with some friends in mid-march to hit up Earth Treks and crush some boulders (!), and Jonny and I finally have pretty solid plans for our future together. Now all that is left (after graduating) is to find a new job in the location where we will be moving and to save up as much money as possible.

It’s pretty amazing how everything just happened to fall into place for us. For the longest time we have been looking for work exchanges or homesteading community internships, hitting road blocks at every turn. Then suddenly one little conversation with one of Jonny’s good friends and we are basically given as much land as we want and the potential to live in a cabin for a small rental fee. Ever since, Jonny has been planning our garden and getting things ready for the growing season while I have been reading up on all of the best and most efficient preserving techniques.

It might sound crazy, and maybe it is…but I am excited and ready to do something new with my life. I am excited to be with the man that I love and to do work that is actually worthwhile (because it will be providing us with the majority of our food).

It will be the start of my greatest adventure.

Over the weekend Jonny, our friend Ben, and I all had an amazing cave adventure in the snow. It was slippery and dangerous, but also tons of fun.

Anonymous asked: Feminists do not hate men-- Actually SOME feminists DO hate men. That's been our problem all along. As a woman I see it happen and I see NO ONE putting those feminists down for their abuse towards men. That's why I gave up on feminism years ago. You mention the 'oppressed majority' film, and yet you conveniently neglect to mention that showed blatant religious intolerance I was watching that film with interest and I shut it off when that came on. I totally reject feminism in its current form.

I am sorry if what I said offended you in any way, but I was not looking for a confrontation or a fight by any means. I am  also sorry that you have given up on feminism in it’s current form, but feminism is what YOU make it. Just because one group believes in something that you find morally wrong does not mean that you have to believe in it as well. I was just simply stating my feelings on some of the flack that many feminists get for those who are ignorant, religious intolerant, man haters. I know that there are women out there who do hate men and I know that religious intolerance is not to be accepted. I believe that every person should be entitled to their own beliefs and they should be allowed to practice those beliefs without fear or persecution. I know that a good majority of women of the Muslim faith do not find their head coverings to be oppressive and I think that’s great. I do not believe that France or America should ban these practices because of their own ethnocentric beliefs. I was not intentionally leaving that out when talking about the “oppressed majority”, my mind was just on other things and I was more upset over the fact that feminists like myself and the people that I know, get a bad name when we are not bad people. I’m not perfect, and I’m not always completely conscious of the things going on around me, but I am open to learn and often very understanding. I do not wish to offend anyone and If I have I sincerely apologize for doing so.

Feminist Frustrations

As any follower of mine probably knows, I am an avid rock climber, a dedicated girlfriend and occasionally a writer. What most people don’t know, is that I am also a feminist. And today I just really feel like expressing my views on this topic because I am very frustrated…

Laci Green on YouTube is a fantastic Pro-Sexuality Feminist who goes to different college campus to talk to people about Sex and important related issues. She also makes tons of videos on YouTube expressing her opinions about sexuality and how to be sex positive.

While watching a few of her videos I noticed people calling her a hypocrite because she wears make up and shows a bit of cleavage while she talks about things such as sexual objectification and virginity (being a man-made construct to ensure paternity). The thing is, and this is what is so frustrating, showing cleavage and wearing make up does not mean that you are objectifying yourself. You, the viewer, are objectifying her. As a human being, every female has the right to wear what they please because it makes them comfortable. The reactions that people have to what other people where is exactly the problem she is addressing. She wants us to be able to live in a society where women can proudly display their cleavage and not be made to feel ashamed or objectified for doing so.

Another comment had been made showing all of these Feminist memes where Feminists are shown in the light of being misandrist, vegan, ….assholes. Feminists do not hate men. The second wave of Feminism may have been a little bit on the man hating side, but this third and current wave of Feminism is all about equality for ALL people. This includes men. We do not want to have more power than men or be treated like men, we just want the respect and equality that men have. We do not want to be held responsible for the violation of our own bodies because we chose to wear something a little bit provocative. 

If you want to see what the world would look like if women had the power that men had, and men the power of women (currently), watch the short French film “The Oppressed Majority” and maybe that will help to put some things into perspective.

Climbing Update

This month at the Nook they are having a month long member comp. that is 20$ for non-members to compete and free for members. There will be prizes for the winners in each category, male and female advanced (V6 and ^) and male and female beginner/intermediate (V0-V5). So far I have already climbed a V3 and a V4 which is insane progress for me when there are still some V2’s I am struggling with. But if I keep up the progress on the 3’s and 4’s then I might actually have a shot at placing. However, placing is not a priority and I am much happier knowing that I am getting stronger and even though I don’t think I have lost any weight, I feel much more toned and am developing a good bit of muscle.

Also, I need all this snow to go away so that Jonny and I can get back outside to do some real climbing. Especially since I haven’t gotten to use me new Organic pad yet…and it’s dying to be used.

Promotional Video for the Spooky Nook Sports Climbing Gym made by a fellow climber. This is were I spend a decent amount of my time each week and Jonny and I even got to be a part of this video!

Pictures like this are a perfect representation of what makes me the most happy in my life. Relaxing on sunny days after bouldering with the love of my life.